Enterprise Integration

The technology landscape is constantly changing and this means that enterprise organizations have a wide assortment of applications, frameworks, and protocols. It is not cost effective to continually migrate application logic to new technologies but instead to integrate these technologies with modern systems. Integration requires an expert team to understand the technologies and how to effectively integrate them into a fast moving technology landscape. StackLeader brings peace of mind with our integration full stack expertise. Our consultants will help with project architecture, development, and deployment pipelines so that your integrations are seamless and scale effectively. Our expertise in leveraging open source technologies will dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership for our enterprise integrations.

Apache Camel

Apache Camel is an enterprise integration framework that enables developers to build integration pipelines using abstract integration patterns. A diverse community of plugins provides many integration points that dramatically reduces the complexity of an integration.

As an example, an incoming request on a web service may be transformed, enriched with data, and then stored in a mainframe. With Apache Camel, this integration implementation is greatly simplified and the frameworks abstract conventions create designs that can be easily interpreted by design teams.

Apache Karaf

Apache Karaf is a light weight Java OSGi container for running enterprise OSGi applications. Due to the modularity of OSGi applications, it is well suited for building robust and scalable enterprise integrations. Apache Karaf also has management tooling built into the container to enable transparency of applications and remote management for connecting to containers for deployments and debugging. StackLeader also provides, Axion, a supported, Dockerized Apache Karaf container to reduce management costs. Get started with Axion in our blog post.


Deploying applications to the cloud is the right move for many businesses. The cloud can dramatically reduce costs and enable organizations to respond quickly to changes in demands from customers. There are many clouds available on the market and StackLeader can help your business move to a cloud that makes sense for your organization.

The cloud exposes your infrastructure over secure HTTP endpoints which enables your organization to programatically create, destroy, and maintain infrastructure. Our customers see a dramatic reduction in provisioning and maintenance costs since many error prone manual tasks can be automated away.

Additional Technologies

  • Apache Camel
  • Apache ActiveMQ
  • JBoss Fuse
  • Apache Karaf
  • OSGi
  • JTOpen
  • JBoss BRMS
  • MuleSoft
  • JBoss EAP
  • MQTT

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