Procore Integration

StackLeader has partnered with Procore to deliver custom integrations.

StackLeader software can run on-premise or in the cloud.

Reduce costs with our managed services for increased security and scalability while eliminating the need to acquire and maintain infrastructure.

Integrate your existing software like financial databases, project and contract management tools, and more.

Create custom mobile applications that exactly match the needs of your team.

How it Works

Procore Connect is an API provided by Procore to allow external software to access the data stored within the Procore cloud. StackLeader leverages this interface to develop custom software that integrates components of enterprise organizations to the data stored within Procore. The integration is bidirectional so that integrations can pull and push data into Procore.
StackLeader Procore Integration


A StackLeader engagement always starts with us fully understanding the objectives of the integration. From this we will develop a project plan that will meet the objectives while providing a scalable and maintainable solution that maximizes return on investment. As enterprise integration experts, we can improve your business results by delivering solutions quickly and maximizing efficiency.

Use Cases

Primary System of Record


Time Management


Contract Management




Sales CRM


Customer Success

Liles Construction of Concord, NC needed a solution to integrate vendor insurance policies in Sage/Timberline accounting with Procore. The policies needed to be automatically synchronized with Procore daily. Also, a method for manually synchronizing the policies needed to be available in the event that an out of schedule synchronization was required.

StackLeader developed a cross-platform service and client that was deployed to an on-premise server at Liles Construction. The service is scheduled to synchronize the vendors at a preconfigured time. Staff members can also run the synchronization client if an on demand synchronization is necessary.

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