Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing how enterprises collect metrics and automate business infrastructure. Small, inexpensive, and robust devices are giving enterprises the capability to gain valuable insight into their business processes and reduce costs by automating repetitive tasks. StackLeader will help your team architect your IoT vision to be scalable, reliable, and secure. Our experts can help your team interface with hardware, build cloud applications for management, and orchestrate IoT events with business rules.

Use Cases

Energy grid management
Business facility automation and metrics
Construction site automation
Warehouse analytics
Truck fleet management
Infrastructure automation
Railway metrics
Manufacturing automation

How it Works

The possibilities for "Things" in the Internet of Things are limitless. For example, vibration, temperature, and humidity sensors could measure the environment in a manufacturing process over time to see the effects in the quality of the products produced. Inexpensive devices will collect this data from the sensors and push the data to the cloud over the MQTT messaging protocol. The devices can also listen for messages coming from the cloud to create a private, intelligent network amongst the connected devices. These messages can drive the devices to alter the metrics collected or drive mechanical devices such as valves. Once the messages are in the cloud, applications can be built with business rules to drive business processes or build reports with the collected metrics.

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